Monday, July 11, 2011

40 years.........just me...and those Israelites.

Ok Holy Spirit ~ ~ ~ ~ Let's DO this thing.  I have been thinking & praying for months and months about the possibility of starting my own Blog.  There were, of course, a few rocks in the road that I encountered.....First, the small pebble... "Tera, you are NOT computer savvy, a blog? really?".......Next was the stone......"Tera, you are NOT an expert in the area of Bible history & knowledge...what if you mess up on the important "stuff"?......and finally, the undeniable boulder blocking my path..."Tera, there is NOT a person out there who wants to hear from a girl with such a simple story to tell".........That's when it hit me.....that's when HE hit me...our REAL Rock.......Perhaps I'm not alone?  Perhaps I'm not the only 40 year old Jesus Girl that spent 40 years in the Wilderness before finding her way out? Perhaps the Israelites have gotten a bad rap throughout  history? I mean, after all, I too had witnessed God's Love, Light, Grace, & Mercy throughout the years (truth be told, I never gave Him the credit), and yet I had remained in the Dark.....So let's Do this Thing God.....Let's show your Kids how to get out of the Dark ~ and SHINE in the Son ☼


  1. I think I got it. Good for you Tera, your NaNa is so proud of you along with all your friends and family. I am sorry I missed the conference Saturday !

  2. I love your israelite comparison, it certainly caught my attention on Saturday too. Makes it seem easier to understand how fast 40 years can go by. As far as Bible details.....well, all anyone can ever do is their best and I have confidence in you!! Sometimes details vary so much depending on what version the Bible is....there's lots of wiggle room. :) Salvation issues stay true no matter the version, and that takes off all pressure!!!!! Keep blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Have fun. Write about the things you know. Be polite. Don't give up.
    I've been at it for almost 2 years now. The more I write, the more people read what I write.
    My preference is to use correct english rather than jargon or shorthand. Everyone understands,
    Read, and reread every post before you publish. Sometimes the mind moves faster than the hand.
    Good luck, I know you'll do fine.

  4. I just turned 40! :) It's definitely sobering to see how fast 40 years can go by. Yikes! Good for you for stepping out and starting a blog! It will be will be better than fine because you will be blessed more than you can imagine. Blogging is awesome!! BLessings to you, and hopefully I'll get to meet you at She Speaks!

  5. Hi Tera,

    I am 42 and have being doing this for about a year (on and off...). It is a blessing to know that we are not the only ones on this adventure. You will be fine. Minnesota Farmer said it better, Good Luck and Welcome to the blog world!!!!!

  6. Hi Tera,
    God certainly moves us out of our comfort zones when He wants to! Early this year He laid it on my heart to start an online women's Bible study through blogging. I'd never led or hosted a study, nor had I ever blogged. But He led me every step of the way and it's been a wonderful journey. I'm glad to have met up with you along the journey!

    In Christ,