Sunday, November 4, 2012

But Who Will Carry Me??

Jack Henry proudly began his first day of Sunday School this fall.  He remained in the classroom without the shedding of tears (which his father and I immediately deemed a success as his siblings did not exhibit this exuberant independence in their 3rd year of life).  However; when I returned to retrieve our curious new student, I questioned his teacher as to how he had managed.  She told me that although he was very quiet, he really did quite well........But (isn't there ALWAYS a 'but'?), she went on to explain that at opening music time, the leader instructed the kids as to how they would weave their way to the front of the room, line up, and make their joyful noise. Our beloved Jack, in the most quiet, humble, deeply sincere small voice asked........."But who will carry me?"  
             Oh it comes..
"He's not used to being carried all the time, is he?" the sweet woman asked with a grin....(bless her heart) this point, all you mamas know, that this is where you insert the "cute filler laugh",  the one that says "oh...isn't that cute?" even though inside you are secretly thinking:
"Oh great, now these people know that we continue to carry this child who is approaching 4 and isn't exactly in the lightweight division...."

And you know what?.......We do.   
As a matter of fact, as I was going thru some family photos, there was no denying it...

And as I looked thru all the pictures, ALL the pictures of Jack Henry happily resting in the arms of another.........I Smiled. 
I smiled and gave THANKS.  
For you see, I too can happily rest each day smiling safely in the arms of another. 
And friends, let me tell ya, there are days I'm in need of some SERIOUS carrying.......
C'mon, you know those days....You oversleep, the car won't start, homework's not done, the "right" jeans aren't clean, the cupcakes aren't baked, the dog gets sick........and it's not yet 8am.  Anyone relate?
♥Take heart sweet friends - - God is not only WILLING to carry us, He INSISTS

                      Then Jesus said, “Come to me,
                   all of you who are weary 
                    and carry heavy burdens,
              and I will give you rest." ~ Matthew 11:28 
****** Tired? Worn out? Dealing with too much stress? too much anxiety? just plain TOO MUCH?
"No worries", Jesus says, "I'll carry you."


           He tends his flock like a shepherd: 
            He gathers the lambs in his arms
            and carries them close to his heart;
           He gently leads those that have young. ~ Isaiah 40:11

****** Ever feel like you're wandering? Wondering while you wander just where your place is in this world? Wishing someone would lead you to your destiny?
"No problem", Jesus says,"I'll carry you." 

******* And sometimes, well,........sometimes we just need to give our ego a break, set our pride aside, and admit we need some help.......

                 Humble yourselves before the Lord, 
                        and he will lift you up. ~ James 4:10

  "It's ok", Jesus says, "I'll carry you."

"But Mama", he asks me, "Who will carry me?"
He will my sweet boy. ♥           HE will carry us both.♥     

In His Arms,

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