Friday, March 18, 2016

Move In. Clean House.

When you move into a new place, the first thing you gotta do is......clean house. (At least that's what my mama taught me, how about you?)
We take possession, and then we grab the Ajax. The Endust. The Clorox bleach. (Oh how I hate that smell, just ask my mama)
Why do we do it?
Because it's important that we start fresh.
And clean. And free of cobwebs. (ewww spiders)
The land will be given to you, but if you don't force out the'll have trouble.
God's instructions to the Israelites.
Listen, I'm giving you the land, providing you with a new home, but when you'll need to clean house.
Those cobwebs of your past?
They need to go.
That dirt of guilt and unforgiveness?
Get the broom.
Those streaks of shame and bitterness?
Break out the Windex.
Fear. Worry. Anxiety. Doubt. Resentment.
Seriously, they're taking up too much closet space. (and that's some sacred space, amen ladies?)
Move in. ----> He's given it.
Clean house. ----> And live free.
(Cuz sharp hooks and thorns really hurt...ever step on a Lego?)
Friends, God offers us a new home through His Son. Actually, He paid for it.
In full. (Hello, no mortgage)
Move in.
Clean house.
Live free.
(Ahhh....a girl can almost smell the Pine much better than bleach)

{What I saw in Numbers 33:54-55 NCV this Friday morning, and I'm just so glad you're here}

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