Monday, April 21, 2014

Put Away Easter.

Monday morning. The day after.

I woke up early. (I usually do, but thought perhaps the jellybean hangover would hinder my wake-up time)

I spent approximately ten minutes curled up in my favorite chair with Jesus. (a little less than usual, but I had lots to do, you know)

I put down my bible, took a deep breath, stood up and declared (to myself and my shaggy pup-the only two awake),
 "Well.....time to put away Easter."

As the words seeped out of my mouth, a bad taste followed.
  Put away Easter? 

Of course, I was referring to the half-eaten chocolate bunnies, the new sidewalk chalk, the magic bubbles, the overflow of plastic green grass that I'm certain I will be vacuuming until the pine needles arrive....BUT....

I slumped back in my chair, and thought......

After the early morning church service, the baskets filled with goodies and treats, the decorated egg hunts, the food (oh, the food!), the moments spent and memories made with family and I....


Do we relish the celebration, but resist the challenge?  

Then Jesus said to them, “Don’t be afraid! Go, tell my followers to go to Galilee. There they will see me.” ~ Matthew 28:10

Go. Tell. Show the world. Let your light shine. Love one Another. Take care of the less fortunate.  Give to the poor. Forgive. Serve. Walk humbly. Speak to encourage. Turn the other cheek. Build up the kingdom. 
Show. People. Jesus.

let's not put away Easter. 

Let's LIVE OUT Easter.

Grace & Hugs,

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