Thursday, February 12, 2015 Name.

There was a girl sent from God. Her name was Tera. (that's me)

And although I was sent by Him, I haven't always known Him. 
Of course, once I met Him, I knew I'd never forget Him.

You see, He had me at........."I have redeemed you."  And the "called you by your name" part?, well that was just a nice added personal touch. (it's pronounced "Tera", like 'tear a piece of paper', not Tera, as in 'tar---a', any other 'teacher always said it wrong on the first day of school' friends out there?) Of course, knowing that He always gets it right (and whispers it so beautifully) causes this (never got to have a personalized bike license plate or lunch box) girl to do a little bust-a-move. (Sorry, I think my 80s are showing)

 Now this is what the LORD says-- the One who created you, Jacob, and the One who formed you, Israel--" Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; you are Mine. 
Isaiah 43:1 HCSB

Redeemed: (thank you
To buy back, pay off, to recover by payment, to make up for; make amends for.

All that? For ME?
I was hardly deserving.
A simple small-town girl who didn't even attempt to read the bible until she was 38 yrs old. Who missed plenty, and I mean PLENTY of church services along the way. Who chose to fill herself with the ways of the world rather than some good ole' daily bread and living water. Who strayed off course more often than the dumbest sheep in the field. Who messed up, tripped up, and slipped up, and often times forgot to look up. (And I do mean often)

So why?  Why would the creator of the entire universe, the master of the stars and commander of the seas, the King of all Kings, the Name above all Names, and the Holiest of Holy redeem......Me?

Three words. 

You. Are. Mine.

Three sweet words that win out against chocolate any day of the week. (but honey, if you're reading this, dark chocolate with sea salt is my favorite)

I am His. 
He is Mine.
I know His name.
He knows mine.
He leads.
I follow.
I love Him.
He loves me.
I still mess up.
           But He knew what He was getting with me. A simple small town girl who doesn't always get it right. Who is learning as she goes along. Who fully understands the phrase "work in progress" (whew). Who realizes that a mighty price was paid for her. A price far exceeding her weight in gold (that price will remain a mystery by the way). 


One precious son.
One incredible payment.
Given for Tera. A girl sent by God.



Because of Grace,

Thank you to my special friend Suzie Eller, who encouraged me to write, and continues to inspire me daily. Find her story and more #livefree stories today at


  1. Tera - This post is beautiful, brought me to tears. Thank you for sharing your heart with the world!


  2. Loved the point you made about how despite all the magnificent things God has made, he still wants tor redeem His most precious creation - little ole us! I am your neighbor at Suzie's linkup.

  3. Redeemed! Yes, you are my friend. And for such a purpose.

  4. Tera, beautiful photo - you are REDEEMED! Great story. Visiting from #livefree
    Have a great day! Kim Stewart

  5. I love this. I especially love following you on your faith journey on IG! Be blessed, as you are a blessing.